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Knoxville Ski & Outing Club

We are several hundred skiing and non-skiing people in the Knoxville, TN area. Yes, we do get snow in Tennessee, and many of us (but not all) ski. You don't have to ski to be in the Ski Club. Snowboards, bigfoot skis, cross country skis, telemark skis, what you strap to your feet is up to you. We have a growing number of snowboarders of all ages in the club, and some cross country and telemark skiers too. 

You don't even have to like the snow to join.  We have groups that love to camp and hike.  Still others like to just socialize with really nice, and friendly people.  We organize a wide variety of events year-round to suit most every interest. We also take non-ski trips to far-off countries with lots of sight-seeing and cultural events.

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